Season 3
Original run September 2, 1995 - November 27, 1995 
Original broadcaster Fox Kids 
Production Company Saban Entertainment 
Executive Producer Haim Saban
Shuki Levy 
Producer Jonathon Tzachor 
Sentai Counterpart Ninja Sentai Kakuranger 
Previous Season Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 
Next Season Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers 
This season uses footage and props from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, but keeps the old Zyuranger and Dairanger suits. Later, a new team appears using the Kakuranger suits... the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.


Yet another new villain shows up - Rita's bumbling brother, Rito Revolto. He personally leads an ambush against the rangers, successfully destroying the Thunder Zords... and with them, the rangers' powers. They seek out Ninjor, who gives them new zords and powers, as well as personally aiding the team. Later, Rita and Rito's father arrives, Master Vile. He uses the Orb of Doom to turn back time... meaning that the rangers, who have turned back into children but still have their memories, can't morph...


Rocky DeSantos - Red Ranger - played by Steve Cardenas

Fun-loving joker. Fittingly, he gets the power of the Ape from Ninjor.

Billy Cranston - Blue Ranger - played by David Yost

Teen genius inventor. He has the power of the Wolf. Among his inventions is a remote control for the zords.

Adam Park - Black Ranger - played by Johnny Yong Bosch

Shy, but dedicated. He has the power of the Frog.

Aisha Campbell - Yellow Ranger - played by Karan Ashley

Bubbly, energetic, animal lover. She and Kimberly are like sisters. Has the power of the Bear.

Kimberly Hart - Pink Ranger - played by Amy Jo Johnson

Sarcastic gymnast . Her ninja power is that of the Crane.

Tommy Oliver - White Ranger - played by Jason David Frank

The leader of the team receives the powers of the Falcon.

Kat Hillard - Pink Ranger 2 - played by Catherine Sutherland

Like Tommy, she ends up under one of Rita's spells. Disguised as a cat who Aisha calls Park Cat, she spies on the Rangers until the spell is broken. When Kimberly leaves to compete in the Pan Global Games, Kat becomes the new Pink Ranger.

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Blade Blaster


Ninja Ultrazord

Shogun Ultrazord


  • The white Shogunzord turns pink when the Shogun Ultrazord is formed, because the toy was used for it and was done in the wrong colour. The Ninja Ultrazord is also a toy. This was because Titanus was from Zyuranger, whereas the other zords are from Kakuranger.


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