Season 2
Original run July 21, 1994 - May 20, 1995 
Original broadcaster Fox Kids 
Production Company Saban Entertainment 
Executive Producer Haim Saban
Shuki Levy 
Producer Jonathon Tzachor 
Sentai Counterpart Gosei Sentai Dairanger 
Previous Season Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 
Next Season Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 
Having proved more successful than anticipated, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers continues using footage and props from Gosei Sentai Dairanger. However, the main five rangers still used the Zyuranger suits and weapons.


A new villain, Lord Zedd shows up, and tosses Rita back into her dumpster and off into outer space. He plans to eliminate the Rangers, starting with green because he's one of Rita's failures, then after that's done, take over the world. The first monster he sends down manages to take control of the zords. When this plan is foiled, he destroys the Dinozords. But Zordon was ready for this and had already created a new more powerful fleet, the Thunder Zords. Later on, Rita returns and feeds a hibernating Zedd a love potion. They then get married.


Jason Lee Scott - Red Ranger - played by Austin St. John

The stoic leader who teaches karate in his spare time.

Billy Cranston - Blue Ranger - played by David Yost

Teen genius inventor. He even invents a communicator which can tap into the Command Centre's teleportation system!

Zack Taylor - Black Ranger - played by Walter Jones

Hip Hop Kido's this guy's game. When he isn't dancing, he's trying to woo Angela, the girl of his dreams.

Trini Kwan - Yellow Ranger - played by Thuy Trang

A quiet girl, she's the only one who can translate Billy's technobabble.

Kimberly Hart - Pink Ranger - played by Amy Jo Johnson

Sarcastic gymnast who is Tommy's girlfriend.

Tommy Oliver - Green/White Ranger - played by Jason David Frank.

When the Green Ranger powers start to fail, Zordon and Alpha give him new powers, as he becomes the new leader.

Rocky DeSantos - Red Ranger 2 - played by Steve Cardenas.

Fun-loving joker. Although not the leader, he still commands the Thunder Megazord.

Adam Park - Black Ranger 2 - played by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Shy, but dedicated. Unlucky in love (in one episode, he dates a girl who turns out to be Scorpina!)

Aisha Campbell - Yellow Ranger 2 - played by Karan Ashley.

Bubbly, energetic, animal lover. She and Kimberly are like sisters.

Tyler Meadows New Green Ranger - played by Leo Howard

Tough, cool, carring, robot lover. He and Kimberly have a crush He's also good friends with Tommy.

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