Power Rangers in Space
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Original run February 6, 1998 - November 21, 1998 
Original broadcaster Fox Kids 
Production Company Saban Entertainment 
Executive Producer Haim Saban
Shuki Levy 
Producer Jonathan Tzachor 
Sentai Counterpart Denji Sentai Megaranger 
Previous Season Power Rangers Turbo 
Next Season Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 
Power Rangers in Space picks up directly after the end of Power Rangers Turbo and the destruction of the Power Chamber with Carlos, Ashley, Cassie, and T.J. chasing after Divatox to the Cimmerian Planet. After being initially rejected by the Red Space Ranger, Andros, he eventually allows the four former Turbo Rangers to join him in his quest to find Zordon and put an end to Astronema and the Grand Monarch of Evil, Dark Specter. This season uses footage and props from Denji Sentai Megaranger and is notable for featuring the first Battlizer.



Andros - Red Ranger - played by Christopher Khayman Lee

A human from the KO-35 space colony who doesn't understand the ways of Earth. He's looking for his missing sister, Karone. He is also very close to Ashley.

Carlos Vallerte - Black Ranger - played by Roger Velasco

Carlos's personality takes a darker turn this season, reflecting his new colour.

Theodore Jay Jarvis "T.J." Johnson - Blue Ranger - played by Selwyn Ward

The former leader steps down to blue and second in command due to a lack of knowledge about space.

Ashley Hammond - Yellow Ranger - played by Tracy Lynn Cruz

Ashley now gains a love interest, and will try to help Andros understand Earth customs.

Cassie Chan - Pink Ranger - played by Patricia Ja Lee

The wannabe singer flies into Space hoping to find the Phantom Ranger as well as complete their mission.

Zhane - Silver Ranger - played by Justin Nimmo

Unlike Andros, he does understand earth customs. He joins the team after awakening from deep freeze having been injured two years prior.

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