Power Rangers RPM
RPM Logo
Original run March 7, 2009 – December 26, 2009 
Original broadcaster ABC Kids 
Production Company BVS Entertainment 
Executive Producer Koichi Sakamoto
Eddie Guzelian
Judd Lynn 
Producer Sally Campbell
Charles Knight
Jackie Marchand 
Sentai Counterpart Engine Sentai Go-Onger 
Previous Season Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
Next Season Power Rangers Samurai 
Power Rangers RPM is the seventeenth season of the Power Rangers franchise. Originally, it was going to be the final season of the Power Rangers franchise, until Haim Saban had rebought the show from Disney. It is also the first season of Power Rangers to air exclusively on ABC Kids. This season's themes include technology, computers, and racing machines.


Three years prior to the season's beginning, an AI computer virus called Venjix took over all of the Earth's computers, rendering all communication useless while creating an army of robot droids to destroy everything. Humanity's last safehaven became the domed city of Corinth. Surrounded by Venjix's forces and a force field, it is nearly impossible to enter without luck or firepower. When the force field is lowered to allow surviving humans into the sanctuary, Dr. K's RPM Power Rangers fight Venjix's forces to protect Corinth from being destroyed.



The RPM Rangers

Scott Truman - Red Ranger played by - Eka Darville

Flynn McAllistair - Blue Ranger played by - Ari Boyland

Summer Landsdown - Yellow Ranger played by - Rose McIver

Ziggy Grover - Green Ranger played by - Milo Cawthrone

Dillon - Black Ranger played by - Dan Ewing

Gem - Gold Ranger played by - Mike Ginn

Gemma - Silver Ranger played by - Li Ming Hu






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