Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Ninja Storm Logo
Original run February 15, 2003 – November 15, 2003 
Original broadcaster ABC Kids 
Production Company BVS Entertainment 
Executive Producer Douglas Sloan
Ann Austin 
Producer Janine Dickins
Koichi Sakamoto 
Sentai Counterpart Ninjuu Sentai Hurricanger 
Previous Season Power Rangers Wild Force 
Next Season Power Rangers Dino Thunder 


The Wind Ninja Academy is a prestigious institution for aspiring ninja. Unfortunately, Shane, Tori, and Waldo seem to be washouts – until the evil ninja master Lothor captures all the other students and turns their sensei, Kanoi Watanabe, into a guinea pig. Watanabe turns the three remaining students into Wind Power Rangers by giving them Wind Morphers. They join the Thunder Rangers to fight Lothor and his evil minions.

The Rangers defeat all of Lothor's minions – but unfortunately, in the process they overload the Abyss of Evil (to which they were all sent upon their demise). Along with Lothor and his henchmen, the Rangers’ powers end up sealed in the abyss. The sensei is restored to human form. Now returned to their normal lives, the Rangers become teachers at the Wind Ninja Academy.



The Ninja Storm Power Rangers.

Shane Clarke - Red Wind Ranger played by - Pua Magasiva

Skateboarding air ninja. Possesses power over Air.

Tori Hanson - Blue Wind Ranger played by - Sally Martin

Out-going girl with a fondness for surfing. Utilizes Water.

Waldo "Dustin" Brooks - Yellow Wind Ranger played by - Glenn McMillan

Goofy comic book fan and Motocross enthusiast. Fights with Earth powers.

Hunter Bradley - Crimson Thunder Ranger played by - Adam Tuominen

Dark and brooding, adoptive brother to Blake.

Blake Bradley - Navy Thunder Ranger played by - Jorgito Vargas, Jr

Hunter's adopted brother. Motocross biker.

Cameron "Cam" Watanabe - Green Samurai Ranger played by - Jason Chan

Technical genius, banned from becoming a ninja... so he becomes a Samurai instead.



Weapons and GearEdit


Hurricane Megazord

Mighty Mammoth Zord