Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Jungle Fury Logo
Original run February 18, 2008 – November 3, 2008 
Original broadcaster Toon Disney 
Production Company BVS Entertainment 
Executive Producer Bruce Kalish
Koichi Sakamoto 
Producer Sally Campbell
Charles Knight
Jackie Marchand 
Sentai Counterpart Juuken Sentai Gekiranger 
Previous Season Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
Next Season Power Rangers RPM 
Power Rangers Jungle Fury is the sixthteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise. It is the final season of Power Rangers to air on Jetix before the channel was rebranded as Disney XD. It is also the final season to have Bruce Kalish, who had been the executive producer of the show since 2005, to be it executive producer.


Ten thousand years ago, an evil spirit named Dai Shi, started a war to erased humans and have animals be the ones to rule the planet. After a long battle, Dai Shi was sealed away and the Pai Zhuq, the Order of the Claw, was formed to trained students in the art of Kung-Fu and served as protectors incase Dai Shi was ever released. After being kicked out Jarrod, a former student, attacks Master Mao and accidently released Dai Shi who possesses him. Three students: Casey, Lily, and Theo are sent to Ocean Bluff where they must meet their new master, RJ, and trained under him to become the Power Rangers Jungle Fury in order to stop Dai Shi.




The Jungle Fury Rangers.

Casey Rhodes - Red Ranger played by - Jason Smith

Theo Martin - Blue Ranger played by - Aljin Abella

Lily Chilman - Yellow Ranger played by - Anna Hutchison

Robert "R.J." James - Wolf Ranger played by - David de Lautour

Dominic "Dom" Hargan - Rhino Ranger played by - Nikolai Nikolaeff

Other RangersEdit

Elephant Ranger - Green Spirit Ranger - played by Bruce Allpress

Shark Ranger - Blue Spirit Ranger - played by Paul Gittens

Bat Ranger - Black Spirit Ranger - played by Oliver Driver



  • Rinshi - The soldiers/mooks.