Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers originally ran from July 21, 1994 through May 20, 1995 in the United States. It consisted of 52 episodes.


No. # Title Directed by Written By Original U.S. Air Date
061 01 "The Mutiny, Part I" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson July 21, 1994

Returning to Earth's moon after seeing to other conquests in his empire, the evil rule, Lord Zedd is displeased with Rita's failure to conquer Earth and destroy the Power Rangers. Imprisoning Rita and jetisoning her into space, Zedd creates new putties and a new monster that immobilizes the Dinozords.

062 02 "The Mutiny, Part II" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson July 28, 1994

Further problems arise for the Rangers when Zedd is able to take control of both the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord using them to wreak havoc. In order to combat the new threat of Zedd, Zordon and Alpha unveil the more powerful Thunderzords. But first the Rangers must regain control of the Dinozords from Pirantishead.

063 03 "The Mutiny, Part III" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson August 5, 1994
Thanks to the device created by Billy, the Rangers are able to regain control of the Dinozords, but Lord Zedd has other plans and uses his power to open a chasm in the earth that swallows the Dinozords. Tommy is able to return Dragonzord to the sea before Zedd claims it too. Fortunately, Zordon and Alpha are able to salvage the Dinozords and using the Power of Thunder, transform them into the Thunderzords. Using the new zords the Rangers take down Pirantishead at last.
064 04 "The Wanna-Be Ranger" John Stewart

Ellen Levy-Sarnoff &
Daniel J. Sarnoff

September 13, 1994

During a period of galactic imbalance, Zordon must temporarily shut down, leaving Alpha 5 in charge. Wanting to help out, Alpha scans the Viewing Globe and sees a little boy named Dylan and teleports to the park to help him. Zedd taking advantage of the situation sends Primator to attack Alpha and Dylan. Alpha panics and orders Dylan to run while he activates his self-destruct sequence. The rangers are forced to take on Primator first instead of helping Alpha who only has minutes left. Primator proves a challenge as he's able to shape-shift and takes on the appearance of the rangers to confuse them. After being given a clue by the restored Zordon, the rangers exploit Primator's weakness and rescue Alpha in the nick of time.

065 05 "Putty on the Brain" John Stewart Mark Litton September 14, 1994

Zedd causes his trouble with his newest plan to put division between the rangers. He uses his powers to cause Billy and Zack to see their friends in a new light as Putties. With the Rangers distracted, Zedd begins a new assault on Angel Grove with the Saliguana

066 06 "Bloom of Doom" John Stewart Cheryl Saban September 17, 1994

Angel Grove High's Club Sign-Up Day brings up feelings up disappointment and jealousy in Kimberly when everyone seems to sign up for Trini's club and not her's. Zedd takes advantage of the situation and casts a spell on Kimberly to turn Kimberly against Trini. Kimberly is then caught by Zedd's newst monster, the Bloom of Doom who traps her in a mysterious dimension. Trini comes to her friend's rescue and break's the spell and as a team, the Rangers take down the Bloom of Doom.

067 07 "The Green Dream" John Stewart Stewart St. John September 19, 1994

A recurring dream about losing his powers troubles Tommy. What he doesn't know is that Zedd is reponsible for his nightmares. Zedd wants to capture Tommy and use him to steal the Sword of Power. After gaining it, Zedd's newest monster, Robogoat takes on Tommy, as he loses his powers, his nightmare starting to become reality. Coming to Tommy's aid, the Rangers are able to retrieve the Sword of Power and defeat Robo Goat.

068 08 "The Power Stealer" Terrence H. Winkless Tony Oliver & Barbera A. Oliver September 20, 1994

Wanting to clean up Angel Grove, the Rangers lead a movement to do so, but Lord Zedd enacts of plans of his own with the Octophantom. Zedd plans to have Octophantom trap the Rangers in a jar and drain them of their powers. Taking advantage of Octophantom's vanity, Billy creates a mirrored device and Jason and Billy use it to free their friends and destroy Octophantom.

069 09 "The Beetle Invasion" Terrence H. Winkless Mark Hoffmeier September 21, 1994

After agreeing to play for Ernie in a Broomball Tournament against the Stone Canyon Beetles, Zedd creates the Stag Beetle monster to challenge the rangers. Zedd plans to use Stag Beetle to drain Tommy of his powers and succeeds in doing it. Fortunately with the aid of a device created by Alpha, Tommy is able to regain his power and the others are able to take down the monster with the Thunder Megazord.

070 10 "Welome to Venus Island" Terrence H. Winkless Judd Lynn September 24, 1994

In his latest plan to defeat the Rangers, Zedd has Trini's neighbor Haley captured and is holding her for ransom. The cost: The Green Ranger. The Rangers must make it to Venus Island and rescue Haley before it sinks to the depths and Haley is lost forever to Zedd's evil world. With his powers failing, Tommy and Trini help free the captured rangers from the Invenusable Fly Trap. Defeating the monster, the rangers then rescue Haley right before she is turned evil.

071 11 "The Song of Guitardo" Terrence H. Winkless Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson September 26, 1994

Kimberly takes a shot at song-writing and gives Zedd the idea to create a little music of his own. Using his powers he turns a saccata on Bulk's shoulder into the Guitardo monster who wields Kimberly's guitar as a hypnotic weapon. Kimberly and Tommy realizes that music is the key to breaking Guitardo's spell and defeat the monster once and for all.

072 12 "Green No More, Part I" John Stewart Stewart St. John September 27, 1994

A peaceful day is ruined by a vision that Tommy receives of himself from the future bearing a message. Meanwhile Zedd has a plan to put an end to the Green Ranger once and for all. He'll use the Turbanshell monster to drain Tommy of his powers and use them to charge the Green Crystal. Turbanshell fights the Thunder Megazord and causes the Rangers to eject. Turbanshell then teleports Green Ranger to himself to finish draining his owers. With the Green Ranger Powers in hand, Zedd traps the other rangers in another dimension. With the Green Crystal, Zedd also puts an inpenetrable shield around the Command Center and unveils his Dark Rangers.

073 13 "Green No More, Part II" John Stewart Stewart St. John September 28, 1994

Zedd, telling the Rangers that without their will be nothing they can do to stop Turbanshell, teleports them back to the park. Meanwhile, taunting Tommy over the loss of his power, Goldar gets outsmarted and Tommy escapes. Breaking through the energy barrier, Billy makes contact with the Command Center and Zordon informs them that the Green Crystal must be destroyed. A powerless Tommy is able to get in undetected and destroys the Green Crystal restoring the Rangers' powers.. The Rangers call for the Thunder Megazord, but Turbanshell proves too much again. Tommy goes inside Turbanshell to deliver a heat wave while Zack chills him down with water. Weakened by the attack, the Rangers are finally able to take him down with the Thunder Megazord.

074 14 "Missing Green" John Stewart

Ellen Levy-Sarnoff &
Daniel J. Sarnoff

October 03, 1994

Jason feels guilty for not retrieving the Green Candle and saving Tommy's powers. In order to cheer him up, the other Rangers decide to surprise Jason by bringing Tommy home. Goldar surprises them though and captures Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly and takes them to another dimension. Using the stump of the Green Candle, Goldar lights a Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink candle to drain the rangers of their powers as well. Jason must save the rangers and their powers before the candles burn out. But first he must get through Zedd's Pipebrain monster and Goldar.

075 15 "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park " Jerry Jacobs Douglas Sloan October 04, 1994

Needing a trumpet so he can play in the Jazz Festival, Zack offers his cousin Curtis their uncle's trumpet, a family keepsake. Billy, Zack and Kimberly are attacked by Putties in the park while on the way to the Youth Center. After distracting the teens to tamper with the trumpet unseen, the putties are destroyed. Everything seems fine until the tampered trumpet puts the teens under a hallucination spell. Zedd then turns the trumpet into his Trumpet Top monster. With the hallucination spell the Rangers are under, Trumpet Top brings back past monsters to fight and tire the Rangers. In order to break the spell, they must destroy Trumpet Top.

076 16 "Beauty and the Beast" John Stewart Cheryl Saban October 10, 1994
Still feeling victorious in the end of the Green Ranger, Lord Zedd sets eyes on Kimberly as his new queen. Sending Goldar to capture the Pink Ranger and place her under a spell, it's up to Billy and Trini to save their friend. Meanwhile, Curtis and Richie are attacked by Z Putties in the park, and it's up to Zack to come to their aid, splitting the team up even further. When Zedd sends his Mirror Maniac, made from a mirror gift to Kim, from Tommy, the Rangers regroup and finish the monster off with the Thunder Megazord and the saber.
077 17 "White Light, Part I" Jonathan Tzachor Shuki Levi & Shell Danielson October 17, 1994

With news of Tommy returning, the rangers make plans for a surprise party to welcome him back and with things "safe and secure in Angel Grove," Zordon and Alpha begin work on a secret mission. Zedd makes plans of his own though: Capture Tommy and make him evil again. But first he creates Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel to take care of the Power Rangers. After growing, Nimrod overpowers the Thunder Megazord with help from her assistants, AC and DC. Billy teleports to the Command Center to get help, and discovers the hidden chamber and Zordon and Alpha's mission: creating a new ranger! Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull try in vain to open up Rita's dumpster which has crash landed on Earth.

078 18 "White Light, Part II" Jonathan Tzachor Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson October 18, 1994

Billy regroups with the other rangers, who have retreated from battle, at his lab and reveals his discovery. The other rangers are not happy, and believe that Tommy should recieve these new powers. After a long wait, the rangers are summoned to the Command Center where Zordon and Alpha reveal their secret: The White Ranger is Tommy! Forced the split up, Tommy takes on Nimrod with his new Tigerzord while Zack, Kimberly, and Jason go to retrieve Rita's dumpster from Bulk and Skull. Billy and Trini must repair the zords after their battle with Nimrod. With the zords repaired and reconfigured, Tigerzord combines with the Thunder Assault Team to create the Mega Tigerzord which quickly defeats Nimrod, AC, and DC. With the monster destroyed, the rangers visit Bulk and Skull and send Rita's dumpster back into orbit.

079 19 "Two For One" Jerry Jacobs Douglas Sloan October 24, 1994
080 20 "Opposites Attract" Jerry Jacobs Cheryl Saban October 25, 1994
081 21 "Zedd's Monster Mash" Jerry P. Jacobs Cheryl Saban October 28, 1994
082 22 "The Ninja Encounter, Part I" Shuki Levi Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson November 2, 1994
083 23 "The Ninja Encounter, Part II" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson

November 3, 1994

084 24 "The Ninja Encounter, Part III" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson

November 4, 1994

085 25 "A Monster of Global Proportions" Jerry P. Jacobs Douglas Sloan November 5, 1994
086 26 "Zedd Waves" Jerry P. Jacobs Mark Litton November 7, 1994
087 27 "The Power Transfer, Part I" Jonathan Tzachor Judd Lynn November 8, 1994
088 28 "The Power Transfer, Part II" Jonathan Tzachor Judd Lynn November 9, 1994
089 29 "Goldar's Vice-Versa" Terrence H. Winkless Douglas Sloan November 12, 1994
090 30 "Mirror of Regret" Terence H. Winkless Cheryl Saban November 14, 1994
091 31 "When is a Ranger not a Ranger?" Jonathan Tzachor Judd Lynn November 15, 1994
092 32 "'Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun''''" Terence H. Winkless Mark Hoffmeier November 16, 1994
093 33 "Lights, Camera, Action" Terence H. Winkless Ellen Levy-Sarnoff &
Daniel J. Sarnoff
November 17, 1994
094 34 "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire John Stewart Jerry P. Jacobs November 21, 1994
095 35 "Scavenger Hunt" John Stewart Stewart St. John November 22, 1994
096 36 "The Great Bookala Escape" John Stewart Judd Lynn November 23, 1994
097 37 "Forever Friends" Terence H. Winkless Cheryl Saban November 28, 1994
098 38 "A Reel Fish Story" Terrence H. Winkless Ellen Levy-Sarnoff &
Daniel J. Sarnoff
November 29, 1994
099 39 "Rangers Back in Time, Part I" Terence H. Winkless Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson February 4, 1995
100 40 "Rangers Back in Time, Part II" Terence H. Winkless Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson February 5, 1995
101 41 "The Wedding, Part I" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson February 13, 1995
102 42 "The Wedding, Part II" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson February 14, 1995
103 43 "The Wedding, Part III" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy & Cheryl Saban February 15, 1995
104 44 "Return of the Green Ranger, Part I" Shuki Levy Shuky Levi February 20, 1995
105 45 "Return of the Green Ranger, Part II" Shuki Levy Shuki Levy February 21, 1995
106 46 "Return of the Green Ranger, Part III" Shuki Levy Shuki Levi & Shell Danielson February 22, 1995
107 47 "Best Man for the Job" John Weil Mark Hoffmeier April 29, 1995
108 48 "Storybook Rangers, Part I" John Weil Douglass Sloan & Cheryl Saban May 1, 1995
109 49 "Storybook Rangers, Part II" John Weil Douglas Sloan & Cheryl Saban May 2, 1995
110 50 "Wild West Rangers, Part I" Armand Garabidian Mark Litton May 8, 1995
111 51 "Wild West Rangers, Part II" Armand Garabidian Mark Litton May 9, 1995
112 52 "Blue Ranger Gone Bad" John Weil Judd Lynn May 20, 1995

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