Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
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Season 13


March 3, 1989

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

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Choujuu Sentai Liveman

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Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman

The PlotEdit

Twenty thousand years ago, the Fairy race helped humans in a battle against and sealed away the Violent Demon Tribes. In the present day, the tribes escape due to pollution and man's destruction of nature causing the Fairy powers to weaken, and the seal broken. With the help of Dr. Dazai, Seelon, the last of the fairies, summoned five high school seniors. They were showered by "flames of spirit" of the fallen fairies in a forest, and can now hear Seelon's voice. The five become Turborangers by transforming into suits created by Seelon's magic and Dr. Dazai's science. The use these powers to fight the tribe while trying to maintain their school lives.

The TubrorangersEdit

Riki Honoo - Red Turbo

The Turborangers

Daichi Yamagata - Black Turbo

Youhei Hama - Blue Turbo

Shunsuke Hino - Yellow Turbo

Haruna Morikawa - Pink Turbo


Dr. Dazai

  • Fairy Seelon
  • Saint Beast Lakia
  • Misa Yamaguchi



  • Turbo Brace
  • GT Sword
  • T Hammer
  • J Gun
  • B Bowgun
  • W Stick
  • Turbo Lasers

Turboranger MechaEdit

  • Turbo Robo
    • Turbo GT
    • Turbo Truck
    • Turbo Jeep
    • Turbo Buggy
    • Turbo Wagon
  • Turbo Rugger
  • Turbo Builder
  • Super Turbo Robo
  • Super Turbo Builder


  1. Did You Guys See a Fairy!?
  2. Violent Demon Castle! The 20,000-Year Curse
  3. The Rumbling Human Dango!
  4. Escape! The Samurai Town
  5. Slimy! Violent Demon Zombie
  6. The Lover-Eating Violent Demon Beast!
  7. Jarmin's Flying House in the Sky
  8. Yearning for a Demonic Flute
  9. Boys' Day Dolls That Call Oni
  10. Roar! Wular Highway!
  11. The Violent Demon Beast That Became a Star!
  12. Activate the Witch's Trap!
  13. He's Here! The Wandering Exchange Student
  14. Yamimaru! Lethal Alignment
  15. Firing the V-Turbo Bazooka
  16. The Teacher Who Became a Child
  17. 5-Second Transformation
  18. Clash! Demon Siblings
  19. Violent Demon Tribe Haruna
  20. Dosukoi Contest
  21. Youth Road!
  22. A Lot of Ghosts
  23. Dreadful! Summer Sea
  24. The Fighting Puppy
  25. Riki! Desperate Situation
  26. Girl Violent Demon Rin
  27. Robo Fusion Failure
  28. Hurry! New Model Robo
  29. The End of Lehda
  30. Woman Warrior Kirika
  31. The Big Demonic Mystery Bird!
  32. Steal! Yōhei's Face
  33. Zulten's Sneaky Trick
  34. The Majin Sword That Calls Love
  35. Memories of Destiny...
  36. Mysterious Kung Fu Girl ン
  37. The Painting of Hell That Devours People
  38. The End of Lagorn
  39. Walk! Child of Shikoku 歩
  40. The Star Is Me!
  41. Scary Birthday!
  42. The Sixth Soldier!
  43. Stream Violent Demon Legend
  44. Super Magic Boy
  45. Lagorn's Counterattack
  46. SOS Transformation Failure
  47. Stream Violent Demons' Secret
  48. Beautiful Kirika
  49. The Dreadful Big Seal
  50. Graduation of Youth


  • Although being the 13th Super Sentai season, Turboranger was later parodied into Super Sentai's 20th season Gekisou Sentai Carranger were the automobile motif was reused.Power Rangers fans sometimes confuse Turboranger with Power Rangers Turbo due to the similar name, however Power Rangers Turbo was adapted from Carranger.

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