High Five
Episode 102 
Season Season 1 
Original Premiere September 4, 1993 
Directed by Adrian Carr 
Written by Steve Kramer 
Preceded by Day of the Dumpster 
Followed by Teamwork 
High Five is the second episode of Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It premiered on September 4, 1993.


Jason tries climbing up a rope as the other rangers cheer him on until he almost falls, this scares Trini into a fear of heights. She walks away as Jason continues to climb it, lands on Billy's shoulders, and crashes in front of her. This is when Bulk and Skull arrive where Bulk tries to climb up the rope multiple times but fails and eventually brings the rope down with him. After that Billy shows the other rangers his new invention (wrist communicators) and gives one to each of the rangers. The rangers then accidentally transport to the Command Center before Alpha starts work on fixing them. Rita then goes over to check on Finster, who working on Bones right before he sets him into the Monster Maker. Bones is then created and Rita gives him a time device that Squatt and Baboo are working on in the form of a space shuttle that will trap the rangers in a time warp just like Zordon. This time warp creates a wormhole in the city before the rangers are teleported to where the putty patrol is. The rangers begin to fight un-morphed as Billy and Trini run away from three putty's. They then spilt up as Trini loses her two putty's and Billy climbs to the top of the mountain to get away from his. Trini goes after him. Billy drops his Power Morpher in the process. Trini soon arrives and tricks the Puttys to fall off the Cliff. Billy and Trini head back down and finish off the putty's with the rest of the rangers. The Putty's retreat before Rita sends down Bones. Bones then traps the rangers in the Time Warp with the Rangers going after him with their Blade Blasters. The rangers blast Bones with Blade Blasters but rebuilt himself. Billy figures out the only way to defeat him is to grab his head, which he does and passes it off to Trini who throws it into a crack. Rita proceeds to create a new giant monster who breaks the time warp and takes Jason out it. The other rangers also escape right before Jason breaks out of the monsters hand. Jason summons the Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord who battles the monster and later defeats him. Back at the Juice Bar, Ernie informs a girl about the Power Rangers with Billy informing the rangers about their communicators being fixed. This leads to Zack sneaking up behind Trini with a skull mask on and scaring her up the rope.

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