Engine Sentai Go-onger
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Season 32


February 17, 2008

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

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Power Rangers counterpart

Power Rangers RPM

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Juken Sentai Gekiranger

Next Season

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

The PlotEdit

Machine World is one of the 11 Braneworlds other than our own, which is referred as the Human World, and it is home to giant vehicular beings called Engines who wage a war against the Gaiark who desire to pollute their world. Losing, Gaiark's three Pollution Ministers' escape leaves them on Earth, seeing the Human World as an easier location to create their ideal paradise. The six Engines manage to pursue them, selecting five humans to become their partners, the Go-ongers. The team are joined by Go-on Wings and their Wing Engines, as well as the Ancient Engines, as they all together battle the Gaiark as well as other evil villains from other Braneworlds.

The Go-OngersEdit


The Go-Ongers rushing into battle.

Sōsuke Esumi - Go-On Red played by - Yasuhisa Furuhara

Renn Kousaka - Go-On Blue played by - Shinwa Kataoka

Saki Rouyama - Go-On Yellow played by - Rina Aizawa

Hant Jou - Go-On Green played by - Masahiro Usui

Gunpei Ishihara - Go-On Black played by - Kenji Ebisawa

Hiroto Sutou - Go-On Gold played by - Hidenori Tokuyama

Miu Sutou - Go-On Silver played by - Yumi Sugimoto



Juken Sentai Gekiranger

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger


Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark





Engine-Oh G6


Engine-Oh G9


Engine-Oh G12

Go-Roader GT


  1. Allies of Justice
  2. Reckless Guys
  3. Basic Investigation
  4. Engine Trouble
  5. Sometimes a Mother!?
  6. The Maiden's Heart
  7. Partner Amigo
  8. The Greatest Miracle
  9. Tomorrow is There
  10. Starting Alright
  11. Airwave Jack
  12. Sōsuke Banki!?
  13. Tank Full of Chivalry
  14. Doki Doki Every Day
  15. Engine Stall
  16. Honor Recovery
  17. Wings of Justice
  18. Commoner Hero
  19. Gunpei's True Intentions
  20. Siblings Battle!?
  21. Childish Guys
  22. Final Request
  23. Reckless Flash
  24. First Smile
  25. Goodbye Mother
  26. Love Affair
  27. Granddaughter Hant!?
  28. Partner Gunpei
  29. Stop Hiroto
  30. Friendship's Punch
  31. Idol Debut
  32. Search for Treasure
  33. Primeval Engines
  34. Devilish Woman
  35. Engine's Bonds
  36. Sōsuke… Eternally
  37. Engine Banki!?
  38. The Maidens' Seriousness
  39. Nostalgic Children
  40. Shogun Revival
  41. Advanced Childcare
  42. Campus Secret
  43. Year-End Big Cleanup
  44. Protect Christmas Eve
  45. Hatsuyume Plans!?
  46. Runaway Bomper
  47. Ministry Shake-Up
  48. Justice Dissolution
  49. Final Battle
  50. Road of Justice


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