Dengeki Sentai Changeman
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Season 9


February 2, 1985

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

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Choudenshi Bioman

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Choushinsei Flashman

The PlotEdit

After already conquering many planets, the Great Star League Gozma sets its sights onto Earth. To defend itself, Earth's military begins a special branch known as the Earth Defense Force, composed of elite members of the military. They go through harsh training, under the supervision of Commander Ibuki.

The Gozma decide to eliminate the military, which poses a threat to them. Later, the Earth Defense Force are fed up with Ibuki's cruel ways and abandon the training session. Soon after the Gozma attacks. Five surviving officers, who refuse to give up, gather together, the earth shakes and they are empowered with the Earth Force which allows them to possess the power of mythological beasts. With that and the technology of the military, the Changeman fight against Gozma.

The ChangemanEdit

Hiryū Tsurugi - Change Dragon

The Changemen

Yūma Ōzora - Change Pegasus

Shō Hayate - Change Gryphon

Mai Tsubasa - Change Phoenix

Sayaka Nagisa - Change Mermaid


Commander Ibuki

Soldier Group

  • Captain Inogoro




Shinpei Mizuhar

Zoorii and Waraji


The Great Star League Gozma


  • Change Brace
  • Change Sword
  • Power Bazooka
    • Dragon-Zooka
    • Gryphon-Zooka
    • Pegasus-Zooka
    • Mermaid-Zooka
    • Phoenix-Zooka

Changeman MechaEdit

Change Robo

  • Jet Changer I
  • Heli Changer II
  • Land Changer III

Shuttle Base


  1. Arrival! The Secret Power!
  2. The Wrath of Star King Bazoo
  3. Scram! Soldier Group
  4. A Kiss After the Fight
  5. Pegasus Arrest Order
  6. The Targeted High School Girls
  7. The Sad Space Soldier!
  8. The Young Lady is a Vampire
  9. Shine! The Deadly Miracle Ball
  10. The Dreadful Driverless Car Army
  11. S.O.S. Koko and Kiki|SOSココとキキ
  12. Mama is Mermaid
  13. Papa Sells the Earth
  14. Attack! The Huge Lizards
  15. Reckless Rider Mai
  16. The Girl Who Had Wings!
  17. Nagasaki's Mysterious Ghost Ship
  18. Ahames' Challenge!
  19. Bet on Sayaka!
  20. Grand Counterattack! Giluke
  21. Gozma's Big Star
  22. The Soldier Who Disappeared into a Mirror
  23. Who Rides Dolphins
  24. Runaway Gyodai
  25. Sing! With a Great Voice
  26. Mai's 20-year-old First Love
  27. Gaata's Dream of Parent and Child
  28. The Cursed Crayon
  29. Protect the Flower! Phantom Butterfly
  30. Run! Pegasus!
  31. Reveal It! The Mystery of Bazoo
  32. Nana! Dangerous Reunion
  33. The End of Giluke!?
  34. Ahames, the Terrible
  35. Earth!! Help Us!
  36. Behold! Our Power
  37. Missing Dragon
  38. Ghost Baseball
  39. Dreadful Hide-and-Seek
  40. Strange Candy
  41. The Missing Prince of the Stars!
  42. The Sailor-Suited Nana
  43. Super Giluke
  44. Leave it to Mai!
  45. The Rainbow-Colored Girl Ira
  46. Beautiful Shiima!
  47. Gaata's Tears of Parent and Child
  48. The Pirate Buba's Storm of Love
  49. The Sad Shiima Beast Soldier
  50. The Day Gozma Trembled
  51. Nana!! Tell Him!
  52. Buba Dies on Earth
  53. Fiery Ahames!
  54. Giluke Grand Explosion!
  55. Farewell, Friends of Space!


In Episode 5, the arrest orders for Yūma Ōzora refers to his unit as the "Lightning Party" in English, a translation of Dengeki.

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