Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
Season 19


March 3, 1995

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Power Rangers counterpart

Power Rangers Zeo

Previous Season

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

Next Season

Gekisou Sentai Carranger

The PlotEdit

Six hundred million years ago,Pangaea created a robot named Bacchus Wrath, who turned on his creators. The King Ranger defeated Bacchus Wrath and banished him from Earth. In the year 1999, Bacchus returned to Earth as the ruler of the Baranoia Empire, with the intention of wiping out all human life and bring about machine rule. Chief Counsellor Miura revived super energies that had been born of the lost civilization of Pangaea. With the assembling of pieces of a stone plate uncovered three years previously, the secrets of "Super Power" were revealed. Miura built a pyramid to generate Tetrahedron power in order to allow five UAOH officers to transform into OHRangers.

The OhrangersEdit

Gorou Hoshino - OhRed

Shouhei Yokkaichi - OhGreen

Yuuji Mita - OhBlue

Juri Nijou - OhYellow

Momo Maruo - OhPink

Riki - KingRanger





Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

Gekisou Sentai Carranger


Machine Empire Baranoia


  • Power Brace
  • Thunderwings
  • Jetter Machines
  • King Blaster
  • Battle Sticks
  • King Smasher
  • Star Riser
  • Square Crushers
  • Delta Tonfas
  • Twin Baton
  • Circle Defenser
  • Big Bang Buster
  • Giant Roller
  • Ohré Bazooka
  • King Brace
  • King Stick

UAOH MechaEdit

Ohranger Robo

Red Puncher

King Pyramider

Super-Heavy Gattai OHBlocker


  1. Invasion!! 1999
  2. Assemble!! The Super-Powered Squadron
  3. Crisis!! The Secret of Super-Power
  4. Grotesque!! Iron Man Papa
  5. Violent Love!! The Brothers of Flame
  6. The Formidable Enemy, Brain Machine
  7. Complete!! The Super-Powered Robo
  8. Crash!! A Super Giant Battle
  9. Suddenly!! A Traitor
  10. He's Here!! It's a Thief
  11. Submission!! The Refrigerator of Love
  12. Explosion!! A Baby
  13. Illusions!! The Dog of the Gods
  14. I Love Pinocchio
  15. O Friend!! Sleep Hotly!!
  16. Naughty!! The Future Child
  17. Plunder!! The Transformation Brace
  18. Dad's Unusual Love
  19. The New Robo's Red Impact
  20. Iron Fist 100 Bursts
  21. The Storm-Calling Cup-and-Ball
  22. The (Classified) Fusion Order!!
  23. The Final Swimsuit...
  24. The Laughing Nostalgic Man!!
  25. The Festival One-Shot Contest
  26. The 600-Million-Year-Old Boy Warrior
  27. King's Gallant Entrance
  28. Behold the Miracle Fortress
  29. Dance! The Invasion Cram School!!
  30. The Earth is Snoring
  31. Home Delivery Diet
  32. The School's Scary Nightmare
  33. The Five Robos' Great Riot
  34. The Emperor's Final Challenge
  35. The Radical Bomb Guy
  36. A Direct Hit With Flatulence!!
  37. I am Gunmajin
  38. It's Tough Being a Majin!
  39. The Prince Dies in a Duel
  40. Arrival! The Mysterious Princess!
  41. The Dangerous Couple!!
  42. The Squadron's Public Execution!!
  43. The Trump Card is Seven Changes
  44. The Strongest Beauty on Earth
  45. Destruction!! The Super-Powered Base
  46. Earth's Final Day!!
  47. Stand Shine Revive!!
  48. The Heroes of Love


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