Choujuu Sentai Liveman
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Season 12


February 26, 1988

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

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Hikari Sentai Maskman

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The PlotEdit

One day in Academia Island, which is island of scientist and is also a school for both Japanese and American student scientist, three of it's finest students, Kenji Tsukigata, Rui Senda, and Gou Omura leaves because they feel their talents are wasted there. After passing a test, they accept a position in the evil organization called Volt. On the night of their departure, five of their former classmates see them leaving. Kenji draws a gun on the five.Two of the five, Takuji and Mari , throw themselves in front of their friends, taking the blasts themselves.

Prior to the pair's deaths, they were working alongside Yuusuke, Jou, and Megumi, the rest of the five, in creating a suit strong enough for space exploration of which they had made progress on that same night. Professor Hoshi, pitches in to help them complete their project. Two years later, Academia launches a shuttle in Space. However, a mysterious ship destroys the shuttle. After discovering that Kenji, Rui, and Gou were responsible for the shuttle's destruction Yuusuke, Jou, and Megumi take up the powers of the original project, becoming Liveman to battle against their former classmates and Volt. They are later joined by Tetsuya and Jun'ichi, younger brothers of the late Takuji and Mari.

The LivemenEdit

Yusuke Amamiya - Red Falcon

All Livemen

Tetsuya Yano - Black Bison

Jun-ichi Aikawa - Green Sai

Megumi Misaki - Blue Dolphin

Joh Ohara - Yellow Lion


Doctor Hoshi


Takuji Yano

Mari Aikawa

Doctor Dorothee




  • Twin Brace
  • Falcon Sword
  • Lion Bazooka
  • Dolphin Arrow
  • Bison Rod
  • Sai Cutters
  • Live Blaster
  • Biomotion Buster
  • Triple Bazooka

Livemen MechaEdit

Live Robo

  • Jet Falcon
  • Land Lion
  • Aqua Dolphin

Live Boxer

  • Bison Liner
  • Sai Fire

Super Live Robo


  1. Friends! Why Did You Do This!?
  2. Three Powers Sworn to Life
  3. Obular's Devilish Transformation
  4. Expose! The Dummymen
  5. The Reckless Driving Engine Monster
  6. Attack! The Living Dinosaur
  7. Dinosaur VS Live Robo
  8. The Duel of Love and Rage!
  9. Smell the Feverish Rose!
  10. Skateboard to Escape the Maze
  11. The Man Who Bit a Zuno Beast
  12. Super-Genius Ashura!
  13. Burning Steel, Colon
  14. Nabe-Man Yuusuke's Shouts
  15. Deadly! Grim Reaper Gash
  16. Love Letter
  17. The Crying Doll! The Attacking Doll!
  18. A Trap! Jou's Beloved Zuno Beast
  19. Drudge Boy Obular
  20. Failing Obular's Counterattack!
  21. Listen, Gou!! Mother's Voice…
  22. Enter the Space Karaoke Master
  23. The 1-Second Comma That Risked Life
  24. 100 Points Taken Off for Playing!?
  25. The 8 Zuno Beasts of Tsuruga Castle!
  26. Aizu's Huge Rhinoceros Beetle!
  27. Daughter!! The Giga Project Launches
  28. The Gigantic Giga Volt's Challenge
  29. The Vengeful Live Boxer
  30. Five Warriors, Here and Now
  31. Mama! The Parasitic Monster's Cries
  32. Kemp, The Riddle of Blood and Roses
  33. Do Your Best, Tetsu-chan Robot
  34. Love That Runs through the Future and Present!
  35. Yuusuke and Kemp's Promise!!
  36. Crash! The Tackle of Friendship
  37. 16-Year-Old Kemp Fear Beast Transformation!
  38. Mobile Weapon of Destruction Mazenda
  39. Protect it! The Grain of Life from Space
  40. Love!? Megumi and the Jewel Thief
  41. The Invisible Man, Gou's Confession!!
  42. Bias' Challenge From Space
  43. A Mystery!? Guildos' Final Form
  44. Butchy's Great Reckless Driving of Tears!!
  45. Ashura Reversal One Chance Game
  46. Honorable Man, Arashi! The Final Battle
  47. A 1000-Point Brain! Mazenda!!
  48. Birth!! Boy King Bias!
  49. The Fall of Great Professor Bias


Liveman was broadcast in France as Bioman 3, being marketed as the direct sequels to Choudenshi Bioman and Bioman 2 (Hikari Sentai Maskman).

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