Choudenshi Bioman
Season 8


February 4, 1984

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Previous Season

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

Next Season

Dengeki Sentai Changeman

The PlotEdit

Many centuries ago, the android Peebo and the Bio Robo came to Earth from the fallen Bio Star. The Bio Robo showered Bio Particles over five people and for generations, the Bio Particles would be passed on to their descendants. In the present day an empire called the Shin Teikoku Gear, lead by the evil Doctor Man threaten the safety of the world. It's up to Peebo, who finds the descendants of the original Bio Particle-showered five and forms the Choudenshi Bioman team. Equipped with bio technology, the five Biomen are able to utilize advanced weaponry needed to help defeat the evil forces of Doctor Man. A sixth descendant later joins the team as a replacement for Yellow Four after Mika's (The 1st Yellow Four) death.

The BiomenEdit

Shirō Gō - Red One


Shingo Takasugi - Green Two

Ryūta Nanbara - Blue Three

Mika Koizumi - Yellow Four I

Jun Yabuki - Yellow Four II

Hikaru Katsuragi - Pink Five




The Neo Empire Gear :


  • Bio Swords
    • Fire Sword
    • Hurricane Sword
    • Elec-Sword
    • Thunder Sword
    • Laser Sword

  • Spark Sword
  • Bio Arrow
  • Green Boomerang
  • Bio Pistols


Bio Dragon

Bio Robo

  • Bio Jet One
  • Bio Jet Two


  1. The Enigmatic Giant Robo Arrives
  2. Gathering! Warriors of Destiny
  3. Our Friend Bio Robot
  4. Self Destruct! Mecha-Humans
  5. Kill the Unseen Enemy
  6. Rise up! Bio Robot
  7. Captured Peebo
  8. Fight! Wishing upon a Star
  9. The Leaper Who Erases People
  10. Goodbye Yellow
  11. Enter New Warrior Jun
  12. Murderer Green!
  13. Jun!
  14. New Intellect Brain!
  15. The Female Warrior's Flaming Oath
  16. Run, 21599 Seconds
  17. I Saw Tatsumiya Castle
  18. The Esperer Girl's Prayer
  19. My Father is Doctor Man
  20. Prince's Challenge!
  21. Protect the Bio Base
  22. A Great Burglar!? Blue!
  23. Gyo! Attack of the Puppet!
  24. The Exploding Flower of Love
  25. Prince's Ghost?
  26. My Father's Dreadful Secret
  27. Spider Hell's Female Warrior
  28. Doctor Man Assassination
  29. The Day Tokyo Disappeared!?
  30. Ultimate Kans' Demon Sword
  31. New Model!? Megas Arrives
  32. Gear's Great Remodelling Plan
  33. Has It Come Forth!? The New Finishing Move
  34. Behold! The Power of Bio
  35. The Sixth Man
  36. Transform Boy
  37. The Assassin Silva!
  38. The Enigmatic Balzion
  39. Mason's Trap!
  40. Stolen Turbo!
  41. The Demonic Lullaby!
  42. Gō! Risk Your Life!
  43. The Sailor-Suited Soldier
  44. The Beautiful Conscience Circuit
  45. Human Bomb Jun!
  46. Escape! The Town of Traps!
  47. Professor Shibata's True Colors!?
  48. Enter! Balzion
  49. Critical Bio Robot
  50. Assault Neograd
  51. Goodbye Peebo


Bioman was the first Super Sentai series to have an English dub version produced for English speaking countries in Asia.

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