Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman
Season 14

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Power Rangers counterpart


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Kousoku Sentai Turboranger

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Chojin Sentai Jetman

The PlotEdit

In 1970, Doctor Hoshikawa was researching how to transform the planet Sedon into a green, lush world, testing it by attempting to grow flowers. On the day the first flower bloomed, the Zone empire launched an assault on the planet, he and his wife were separated from their five children. Arthur G6 took the five children back to Earth and raised them. 20 years later, the five are now teachers in the same school. The Zone empire now prepares to invade Earth as its thousandth target and as they begin the attack, three vehicles appear and counter the offensive, five warriors descend from the vehicles and confront Zone. The Hoshikawa siblings have been developing the Fiveman technology and training hard upon the possibility of Zone invading Earth. Now the five siblings are ready to battle with the familiar foes as Fiveman. After defeating the Zone empire, the Fivemen departed Earth to recover their stranded parents.

The FivemanEdit

Gaku Hoshikawa - FiveRed


Ken Hoshikawa - FiveBlue

Fumiya Hoshikawa - FiveBlack

Kazumi Hoshikawa - FivePink

Remi Hoshikawa - FiveYellow


Arthur G6


Five-kun Dolls


Silver Imperial Army ZoneEdit


Five Robo

Star Five

Super Five Robo

Max Magma


  1. The Five Sibling Warriors
  2. Father's Payback! Mother's Payback
  3. Challenge! The Galactic Tiger
  4. Get the Earth Drunk
  5. Orphaned Galaxy Egg
  6. Hating Hard Workers
  7. The 45m Grade-Schooler
  8. Shine! A Grain of Life
  9. Gingaman Appear
  10. Suck My Blood!
  11. Dangerous Treasure Hunting
  12. Arthur's Super Transformation
  13. Do, Re, Mi, Fight
  14. The Cute Liar
  15. There Are Two Reds!!
  16. Hungry Hero
  17. Fumiya's Friendship Announcement
  18. Saving Money!!
  19. Red Fighting Robot
  20. Burning Sibling Robot
  21. Vaulting Horse Trio
  22. Shining Handsome Youth
  23. 5 Puppets
  24. Slow Turtle Ninja
  25. Friendship's Sakurajima
  26. Kyuushuu Capture
  27. If You Sleep, You Die
  28. Chorus of Underworld
  29. Fusion vs. Combination
  30. Black Gorlin
  31. Dangerous Mother
  32. Gaku Dies
  33. Deadly Flip-turn
  34. Can-Packed Humans
  35. Gaku's Secret!!
  36. Super Twin Strategy
  37. Human Cannon
  38. The Fake Sibling Teachers???
  39. Please Love Me
  40. Boy Majin Sword
  41. Scary Date
  42. Kung Fu Spirit
  43. TV Love
  44. Struggle Robot Battle
  45. Rushing into the Enemy Base
  46. The Whereabouts of Our Parents
  47. The Super Beast's Big Shedding
  48. Departure to the Stars

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